Lego new $400 Lion Knights’ Castle is a love letter to my childhood. Lego promised its 90th anniversary would be one to recollect: the company agreed to restore one of its classic Lego subjects (like Space, Castle, and Pirates) with a new, adult-grade Lego set.

Lego new $400 Lion Knights’ Castle is a love letter to my childhood

Be that as it may, it turns out we’re not simply getting one nostalgia bomb today — the company has chosen to bring back classic Space and classic Castle at the same time. In the first place, Lego is revealing the Galaxy Explorer, a $100 upscaled rendition of the original famous Lego spaceship that’s up for pre-request today. And second, it’s announcing the Lion Knights’ Castle, which — at $400 and 4,514 pieces — is easily the most intricate and amazing castle playset the company’s always created.

Throughout recent days, I’ve been pouring over the high-goal photos of each set you’ll find beneath, marveling over the details and secret play features. Be that as it may, I didn’t have to do it without help from anyone else: I also got to speak to their lead fashioners Mike Psiaki (also see: Titanic, Saturn V, 007’s Aston Martin DB5) and Milan Madge (Space Shuttle Discovery, Pirates of Barracuda Bay, Central Perk).

I even got to speak to Niels Milan Pedersen, a 44-year veteran who co-created Lego Pirates and Forestmen, dealt with many classic Space subjects, and planned many of the most notorious posts, castles, and ships including the Black Knight’s Castle, the Royal Knight’s Castle I was sufficiently fortunate to claim as a youngster Netflix in July, and the legendary Black Seas Barracuda.

Trapdoors and secret passages. Raise-and-lower drawbridge and portcullis, presently with stowed away chains and stabilizers incorporated directly into the set, instead of the uncovered strings I had as a youngster. The most invigorated looking towers from a Lego castle yet, complete with arrow cuts. A waterwheel geared to a grindstone so the baker can crush flour for his bread.

A royal bedchamber and an armory bristling with weaponry and a prison and a little banquet hall and enough ladders and staircases to actually interface the vast majority of the levels. Lion Knights and Black Knights and Forestmen and smaller than expected stables and a bull and-cart and an open air food stand.

Lego new $400 Lion Knights’ Castle is a love letter to my childhood

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