This article is about How To Use Media Player GTA 5. The Media Player is a highlighted choice on the Radio Wheel in Grand Theft Auto Online included the Los Santos Tuners update on July 20, 2021. The player can be populated with music by observing Media Sticks around Los Santos, which involve sorts like pop, rock, R&B, disco, funk, house, and techno.
GTA Online got new vehicles, races, missions, and an authority Car Meet area with the most recent update. Another movement framework in the LS Car Meet called Reputation, through which gamers can procure many advantages in How To Use Media Player GTA 5, was likewise added.
How To Use Media Player GTA 5

How To Use Media Player GTA 5

When you begin observing media sticks, you can use them with the new GTA Online Media Player work found in vehicles close by the radio broadcasts. In the first place, open the Interaction Menu and select Inventory, then, at that point, feature Media Player and move left or right to spin through the accessible blends you’ve opened in How To Use Media Player GTA 5.
Whenever you’ve settled on your choice, open the radio broadcast wheel then, at that point, select Media Player (the play button symbol to one side of the radio off choice) and you can begin paying attention to your blend of decision. You can also read about How to Change Dungeon difficulty in Lost Ark from here.

Record A Studios Roof Terrace

You can’t formally get to GTA Online Record A Studios, including its rooftop patio, until you’ve finished all of the Dr Dre VIP missions for The Contract in How To Use Media Player GTA 5. However, you can arrive at it whenever via handling a helicopter up there, then, at that point, look on the finish of the bar in the corner for the other of the NEZ GTA Online media sticks.

How to use new media player

The media player is immediately perceptible in the wake of refreshing GTA Online with the Los Santos Tuners update. It is available as a kind of radio broadcast in the radio determination wheel. However, this is certifiably not a standard radio broadcast, as the need might arise to see as somewhere around one of the four media sticks to empower it.
It is quite simple to observe these media sticks, as they aren’t situated in challenging to-arrive at places. Their set number is likewise an additional benefit, as it doesn’t take a lot of time all things considered.
How To Use Media Player GTA 5

Media Stick Locations

  1. Violet EP: The main media stick can be found around Tony’s work area in the Nightclub office.
  2. Blue EP: Fans should make a beeline for the rooftop of GTA Online’s Casino for this media stick. It is on a table encircled by yellow sofas close to a jacuzzi.
  3. Green EP: The third media stick is perched on the bar at the Arcade.
  4. Dark EP: Grand Theft Auto Online players will track down this stick in the mod shop region of the LS Car Meet. It is sitting atop a red tool chest.
  5. Kenny’s Backyard Boogie: This stick is somewhat of a reward, and it very well may be found at the LS Car Meet in the popped trunk of a white vehicle with a tag that peruses “MOODYMAN.”

GTA Online media sticks areas

That far seems as though there are just four of this new sort of collectable to find, which is positively not exactly Rockstar’s other beastly scrounger chases, similar to the wrecked radio receiving wires or film props in How To Use Media Player GTA 5. You really do get a shirt and an additional blend assuming you gather every one of the four, in any event: the CLR Launch Party blend. Supportively, assuming that you’re utilizing a regulator, it beats as you’re moving toward a media stick. In the event that more are found, I’ll refresh this page.

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