How to play online & with friends in PGA Tour 2K23? Tower of Imagination as of late introduced an occasion, where players needed to give a food to existing characters or simulacra. By providing dishes that have been made with recipes in the Tower of Imagination game, players have the valuable chance to get Red Core in the Open World MMORPG game. In this guide article, we will give a few suggestions to Soup recipes in the Tower of Imagination game. Look at the article underneath to get information connected with the Soup recipe in the Tower of Imagination game!

How to play online & with friends in PGA Tour 2K23

Play online and with friends in PGA Tour 2K23

Visit any cooking robot set apart by a symbol of a pot in the Guide and interact with it to open the cooking menu. There are two different ways you can cook a dish. In the event that you currently own the recipe, you can pick the dish you need to make under the Cooking tab and make as numerous as you need.

On the off chance that you haven’t opened the corresponding recipe, go to the Creation tab and set up the ingredients recorded in the recipes underneath to endeavor to make the dish. You can increase the achievement rate by using a higher ingredient amount. Whenever you’ve opened the recipe NBA 2K23, it will show up in the Cooking tab and will have a 100% achievement rate upon creation.

How to play online & with friends in PGA Tour 2K23

How to Cook

To cook in the Tower of Imagination game is extremely simple, here players just have to find cooking bots dissipated on the guide. This is information head to cook in the game Tower of Imagination:

Search for the in-game Cooking Bot, which by and large seems to be a pot with bug legs.
At the bottom, press the creation tab
insert the food ingredients according to the recipe saw as above
Press Cooking
Note: A tip that is reasonable for you is, to insert the cooking thing with the most reduced extraordinariness until the level of cooking achievement comes to 100 percent.

Those are 16 recipes or recipes for Soup in the Tower of Imagination game that you can use for different purposes. Ideally, this article can help you in a way, and continue to peruse articles from our site to get information connected with Tower of Imagination.


Rout huge Hyena foes in Astra
Lettuce – Astra prairies
Mushroom – Rout immense mushrooms or assemble them from the crown area. There is likewise a major fix of mushrooms south of the Football Field in Astra, surrounding a training offices tower.


Broccoli – tracked down on the meadows of Astra.
Thornmato – normal plant tracked down close to growth in Astra or close to trees in the Navia District.
Lettuce – Astra fields
Poultry Egg – Found in bird homes in high places like mountains or buildings.
Salad Dressing – can purchased from the Astra, Banges or Mirroria food merchants.

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