Find out How to make Fiddlehead Soup in Tower of Fantasy, a dish you can cook and eat in Tower of Fantasy. You can likewise find its quality, extraordinariness, rundown of ingredients and how to find them beneath!

Fiddlehead Soup gives HP Recuperation. Another utilization is to restore satiety, helping you recuperate more wellbeing in a more limited time. Your HP will not normally recuperate over the long haul on the off chance that you’re too ravenous, so make sure to keep your satiety topped up!

How to make Fiddlehead Soup in Tower of Fantasy

Make Fiddlehead Soup in Tower of Fantasy

Fiddlehead Soup is perhaps of the best intriguing recipe you can get during the mid-game. It assists you with recovering 16% and 34,000 wellbeing and ten satiety points, making it an extraordinary food to recuperate wellbeing rapidly. To make the soup, you want its recipe and two ingredients, one of which may be difficult to come by. Here are the ingredients you want to make Fiddlehead Soup in Tower of Fantasy.

  • 4x Fiddlehead
  • 2x Lettuces

How to get the Fiddlehead Soup recipe

You can not make the Fiddlehead Soup on the off chance that you don’t have its recipe. To get the recipe, you really want to find a cooking bot. When you find it, interact with it and select creation from the tab beneath. Presently place all the Fiddlehead Soup ingredients until you get a 80 to 100 percent achievement rate. From that point forward, press cook Make Pan-Seared Salmon, and the bot will give you the Fiddlehead Soup recipe.

How to make Fiddlehead Soup in Tower of Fantasy

Where to assemble the Fiddlehead Soup ingredients

There are just two ingredients for Fiddlehead Soup, however finding them can be interesting on the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea about the perfect locations. To start with, we really want Fiddlehead, which you can get in the Banges area of the game. To find them, look close to the Banges Tech, in the industrial zone. In conclusion, you can find tons of lettuces in Astra. Thoroughly search in the verdant green regions, and you will run over a lot of them.

Tower of Fantasy Fiddlehead Soup Recipe

In request to cook the Fiddlehead Soup entrée in Tower of Fantasy, you want to accumulate two Fiddleheads and four Lettuces. When you assembled the fundamental things, you will actually want to cook the dish and automatically open its recipe by heading to a cooking robot and afterward going to Creation. It’s vital to point out that, while cooking the dish interestingly, we strongly suggest that you make utilization of no less than 12 ingredients, for this situation, 4 Fiddleheads and 8 Lettuces, as doing so will hugely diminish the possibilities something going incorrectly during the cooking, which will bring about both a stout made stew and on the misuse of the ingredients.

How to Cook

Cooking should be possible at the Cooker, which is accessible in practically any settlement, indicated by the cauldron symbol on the in-game guide. To begin preparing food, you should interact with the Cooker’s cooking menu.

  • Enter the “Cooking” menu.
  • Select a dish from the rundown.
  • Tap on the “Cooking” button.
  • Trust that the dish will finish.
  • On the off chance that you don’t have the recipe yet, then you can prepare dishes in the “Creation” menu:
  • Enter the “Cooking” menu.
  • Tap on the “Creation” tab.
  • Add the expected measure of ingredients (15 max).
  • Arrive at the achievement pace of 100 percent.
  • Tap on the “Cooking” button.
  • Trust that the dish will finish.

Fiddlehead Pie

The Fiddlehead Pie recipe can be opened by using Fiddlehead and Earthy colored Rice as materials during the Creation interaction.

It is expected for the Stoker side mission for the Energy Change Gadget Puzzle in the Crown Mine to aquire the Unicorn Power Center essential for the Monocross vehicle.

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