Ubisoft Reportedly Planning to Already Cancel New Multiplayer Game, Ubisoft is reportedly planning to already cancel a multiplayer game that the publisher just released a little under two months ago. Specifically, that game being referred to happens to be Roller Champions, which is a 3v3 games driven multiplayer title. And while the release of Roller Champions is something that was bound to happen given that it was first announced back in 2019, it seems like Ubisoft is already giving up on the task.

Ubisoft Reportedly Planning to Already Cancel New Multiplayer Game

According to video game correspondent and insider Jeff Grubb, Ubisoft is planning to formally cancel Roller Champions after the game’s third season comes to a nearby. Grubb unveiled this information in the latest episode of The XboxEra Podcast. Although Ubisoft has yet to check that this information is valid PS Plus Premium Confirms, it wouldn’t be too shocking given that the game hasn’t garnered a very remarkable player base since its launch.

As referenced, Roller Champions was first revealed by Ubisoft all the way back at E3 2019 and was accompanied by a pre-alpha demo that players could attempt. From that point, Ubisoft originally intended to release Roller Champions in 2021 yet the game wound up getting pushed back to a later date. Finally, in late May 2022, Roller Champions arrived as an allowed to-play title for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, although there was little celebration or acknowledgment from Ubisoft with its release. The game also came to Nintendo Switch the following month, however clearly, getting many players across all of its platforms hasn’t been able.

Assuming that this report is valid, it stands to reason that we could hear more from Ubisoft in the near future regarding the status of Roller Champions. Assuming the game winds up getting scrapped, however, it would join any semblance of various other ongoing undertakings that have been canceled by Ubisoft. While pillar franchises like Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry continue to find success for Ubisoft, the company has had great trouble as of late with regards to its experimental titles like Roller Champions. Clearly, the long-term gaming company is starting to rethink how it approaches these games, and that means that we could see less allowed to-play multiplayer titles from Ubisoft moving forward.

A new Steam game that was just released only days ago is already the best-investigated title of 2022 on Valve’s expansive PC platform. For the most part, 2022 has been a middling year with regards to major computer game releases. While certain titles like Elden Ring have resonated greatly with audiences, overall, 2022 (at least for the time being) is generally considered to have been a down year for the gaming industry. And perhaps for that reason alone, one title has now had the option to rapidly shoot to the top of the Steam charts.

At the hour of this writing, Annapurna Interactive’s Stray has now turned into the top-evaluated game of 2022 on Steam based on reactions from players. According to Steam250, which is a site that tracks client surveys on Steam, Stray has now beat out the PC release of God of War as the top-rated game of the year until this point. Stray as of now has an overall score of 8.61 on the site after nearly 43,000 surveys. Divine force of War then gets started with a score of 8.56 after somewhat more than 53,000 votes. On the other hand, Elden Ring ranks a lot of lower on the chart, but at the same time it’s seen above and beyond 500,000 surveys, which has certainly added to the game’s aggregate score going down only a tad.

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