This article is about Where to find the Fairy in Rune Factory 5. In the event that you’re having inconvenience finding the Fairy in Rune Factory 5 and need a little assistance, we take care of you with this aide, where we’ll show you precisely where to catch the fairy in Rune Factory 5 and complete Livia’s mission.
Right on time in your playthrough of Rune Factory 5, you can get a side journey from Livia called “The Wanted Monster.” For this mission, you want to catch certain beasts roaming around the Phoros Woodlands and bring them to Livia.

Where to find the Fairy in Rune Factory 5

The journey info in your Ranger Notes will provide you with an obscure thought of where the Wanted Monster is, however it isn’t unmistakable. The guide above shows the area of the Fairy being referred to. You’ll have to travel east when you initially get to the Phoros Woodlands, then head along the southern street until you cross the stream. Continue to go east and afterward north to the lake on the guide. You’ll find the Fairy there.
Remember that this Fairy is undeniably tougher than the vast majority of the other foes you’ll run into in this space in Where to find the Fairy in Rune Factory 5. You’ll realize them by the red atmosphere encompasses them. Simply give them a fast beatdown until their wellbeing is low and utilize the SEAL capacity Livia has explained to you.

Step by step instructions to Capture the Fairy in Rune Factory 5

The Fairy will stroll around right close to this lake. Since the Fairy is tiny, it’ll be somewhat difficult to detect it. Simply continue to check out the lake until you find it.
In the wake of finding the Fairy, your goal presently is to catch it. To do as such, you’ll have to debilitate it first by bringing its wellbeing down.
Regardless of its little appearance, the Fairy hits like a truck in Where to find the Fairy in Rune Factory 5. So try not to battle it too forcefully as it might possibly a single shot you. To bargain harm, you’ll have to hit it with Physical Attacks.

Fairy to generate

Some of the time, it will require a couple of moments for the Fairy to bring forth, so ensure you don’t rush the inquiry cycle of finding the Fairy.
Whenever you have tracked down the Fairy, assault it to bring down its HP to a level at which you can utilize the ZL Key to get the Fairy.
While fighting the Fairy, you must be careful about its assaults as the Fairy hits hard. This foe can bring down your HP rapidly, so ensure you go to the Phoros Woodlands arranged. You can also read about How Many Chapters are there in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands from here.

Fairy area

As opposed to what’s composed on the needed banner, the Fairy is really found nearer to the southwest piece of Phoros Woodlands than its middle. It tends to be found close to the main lake nearby. The Fairy probably won’t be noticeable from the get go, however you ought to Where to find the Fairy in Rune Factory 5 it wandering close to the stones.
The Fairy hits hard, however insofar as you don’t offer it a chance to assault, you ought to be fine. It certainly helps that her protections against actual assaults are low.
Where to find the Fairy in Rune Factory 5

Catch the Fairy

To begin this solicitation, talk with Livia in her office at the Silo and pick the I need to check the needed beast list choice in Where to find the Fairy in Rune Factory 5. You’ll then need to choose the Fairy needed presented on begin the chase. Advance toward the Phoros Woodlands east of Rigbarth then follow the way east.
At the point when you arrive at the split (past the southern way leading to the Whispering Woods) follow the southeastern way and follow it until you come to a wooden extension. Cross the scaffold the head off to one side (going northeast) to find a lake. The Fairy can be tracked down somewhere around this lake.

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