Welcome to Wowhead’s Classic Profession Guide for Leatherworking. Leatherworkers represent considerable authority in making cowhide and mail defensive layer, just as things, for example, covering packs, capes and quivers. At level 60, numerous things from Leatherworking are utilized in PvE circumstances, as they offer opposition details. Leatherworking is frequently combined with Skinning to diminish or dispose of the need to pay materials off of the Auction House.

This guide will cover the parts of Leatherworking like what class and second calling you might need to utilize, areas of Leatherworking coaches, the three Leatherworking fortes ( Dragonscale Leatherworking, Elemental Leatherworking, Tribal Leatherworking), plans and where to track down them, significant proposed end game plans, and a recommended course to take to step up your Leatherworking expertise focuses to 300.

Leatherworking Quick Information

Inside Leatherworking, three strength choices are accessible. You can just pick each of these in turn, and they each give various advantages. You can find more data later in this guide.
Dragonscale Leatherworking – branch out and create more Mail-type gear
Basic Leatherworking – loads of natural opposition and Leather-type spryness gear
Ancestral Leatherworking – loads of Leather-type acumen and dexterity gear, and the desired Devilsaur Armor set

Best Professions to Pair with Leatherworking

Leatherworking is an essential calling, and you can just have two essential callings dynamic immediately in WoW Classic.
Leatherworking sets well with Skinning as you will require those reagents for created gear.

Best Classes to Learn Leatherworking

Druids, Rogues, Shaman, and Hunter might be keen on matching Leatherworking and Skinning to make their own stuff.
Concerning Leatherworking strengths, Shaman and Hunter would pick Dragonscale as it gives mail gear, Leather-wearers keen on DPS/recuperating strike execution would take Tribal Leatherworking for the dexterity and mind gear, while cowhide wearers requiring opposition stuff would pick Elemental Leatherworking.
Trackers may likewise find Leatherworking valuable while evening out, as it is a decent wellspring of low-level quivers like Quickdraw Quiver.

Leatherworking Trainer Locations in WoW Classic

Understudy and Journeyman Leatherworking Trainers are situated in significant urban areas; in the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea where to track down them, ask a city monitor for help and they will put a warning with a brilliant ! on your guide. More elevated level mentors are situated in more dark areas all throughout the planet.

Coalition Apprentice and Journeyman Leatherworking Trainers

  • Aayndia Floralwind: Ashenvale (35, 52)
  • Adele Fielder: Elwynn Forest (46, 62)
  • Drakk Stonehand: The Hinterlands (13, 43)
  • Fimble Finespindle: Ironforge (40, 32)
  • Nadyia Maneweaver: Teldrassil (43, 43)
  • Randal Worth: Stormwind City (68, 49)
  • Telonis: Darnassus (64, 21)

Crowd Apprentice and Journeyman Leatherworking Trainers

  • Arthur Moore: Undercity (70, 58)
  • Sturdiness: Stranglethorn Vale (37, 50)
  • Brumn Winterhoof: Arathi Highlands (21, 46)
  • Chaw Stronghide: Mulgore (45, 57)
  • Hahrana Ironhide: Feralas (74, 43)
  • Karolek: Orgrimmar (60, 54)
  • Shelene Rhobart: Tirisfal Glades (65, 60)
  • Una: Thunder Bluff (41, 42)

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