Looking for How To Find Screenshot Location In Final Fantasy XIV? As we as a whole know Final Fantasy XIV (FF14) is one of the most famous MMORPGs internationally. In this pretending game, you and your companions will assume the part of different amazing-looking legends. You will likewise go over a lot of cinematic scenes that you might want to take screenshots of.

However numerous players are having inconvenience locating the pictures in their frameworks. On the off chance that you’re facing a similar issue, we take care of you. In this aide, we’ll assist you with finding the location of screenshots in Final Fantasy XIV (FF14).

How To Find Screenshot Location In Final Fantasy XIV

Find Screenshot Location In Final Fantasy XIV

On Windows releases of Final Fantasy 14, you can take screenshots by pressing the PRINT SCRN button on your console. In the wake of taking them Unlock the Arkasodara, they can be found at the following way:

On the off chance that the above way isn’t useful in any way, follow these means:

  • Open up Record Pilgrim – you can do this by typing Document Wayfarer into the beginning menu
  • Click Records on the left of the recently opened Document Pilgrim window
  • Go into My Games > FFXIV > Screenshots
  • That is all there is to it! In the Screenshots envelope you will find all of the screenshots you’ve taken


In the event that you’ve taken a screenshot by means of F12, it’s possible a Steam screenshot, not a FFXIV screenshot. Despite the fact that there’s almost no distinction as far as the resulting screenshot, the location the screenshot is saved to will be unique. To find Steam screenshots.

How To Find Screenshot Location In Final Fantasy XIV

Finding your Final Fantasy XIV screenshot organizer on Steam

To take a screenshot on the Steam rendition of the game, you’ll have to utilize the F12 key. The Print Screen Key will show a “Screenshot Fizzled” message in your visit box, and you’ll not have taken the screenshot.

Whenever you’ve taken a screenshot, when you close down FFXIV, your screenshot will be shown on the game’s page in your Steam Library. To explore to the screenshot organizer, click on the picture to extend it, and afterward right-click on the picture and select Peruse to Screenshot. This will take you to your screenshot envelope.

Finding your FFXIV screenshot envelope in non-Steam renditions

In non-steam renditions of the game, the Print Screen Key is practical for taking screenshots. This will take and save any snaps you need to save. Screenshots are then saved in your Records organizer in all renditions of Windows. The default way is Documents\My Games\FFXIV\Screenshots. Partake in your Gposing!

Screenshots Fizzled

Screenshots are saved in an envelope called “screenshots” (duh) that can be seen as in your “My Games” organizer in your “Records” directory. There will be a “Final Fantasy XIV” envelope inside the games organizer.

Any pics you take with the inherent screenshot component will have Final Fantasy XIV copyright info consumed into the lower-left corner of the picture record.

Steam Screenshot Envelope Location

For the people who are uninformed, players can without much of a stretch take a screenshot by clicking the F12 button.

In request to find the pictures head to the Record Voyager.
Then, search for the Steam Envelope and snap on it.
From that point forward, click on the Client Information organizer.
Then, at that point, Explore, 40036624 > 760 > Remote > 39120 > Screenshots.
What’s more, that is all you want to do to find the Screenshot location in FF14 effectively on Steam.

PlayStation Screenshot

In the event that you’re a PlayStation player then you can without much of a stretch access the Screenshots by simply going to the PS Catch Exhibition. The control to take a Screenshot on PS is by clicking the Offer button.

This is all you want to be aware of where to find the screenshot location in Final Fantasy XIV (FF14). While you’re here investigate the very Best Servers that you can join.

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