In this article we will show you How to complete Drowned Hopes in Horizon Forbidden West. IGN’s Horizon Forbidden West Walkthrough for the Side Quest Drowned Hopes will take you through the whole journey beginning to end. This Drowned Hopes walkthrough includes how to get each vault key, and how to endure submerged to the point of doing so.
Drowned Hopes is a Side Quest you get at a Carja Outpost to the east of Stone’s Echo. Go down the way east until you see the station. Enter and converse with the two Carja Scholars, Rushavid and Gendas.

How to Complete Drowned Hopes in Horizon Forbidden West

You should do the main journey The Sea of Sands before you can complete this mission How to complete Drowned Hopes in Horizon Forbidden West.
How to complete Drowned Hopes in Horizon Forbidden West
For this mission, you should visit three locales: Dread Bluff, Devil’s Slide, and Sunken Wreck close to the Jagged Deep Delve.
As Aloy voyages south, she experiences a Carja Outpost. Entering it, she addresses the two researchers: Rushavid and Gendas. They are arguing about returning back to a burrow site that holds significant antiquities. In Gendas’ grasp is an information plate that he found at the burrow site. Aloy filters it and finds information about something called a Mobile Cover System. Tragically, the area is encircled by dangerous machines. Aloy offers to assist them with clear outing the burrow site.
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Go to the Dig Site, Jagged Deep Delve

Make a beeline for the burrow site, Jagged Deep Delve, south of the Carja Camp and across the stream. The site will be encircled by two Widemaws and two Scrappers How to complete Drowned Hopes in Horizon Forbidden West. You should kill the machines to continue your hunt. Seeing nothing in the genuine ruins, Aloy sees that the ruins go into the water. In the event that you have this journey dynamic, you can plunge down to the marker. You will see a control center and an Ancient Trunk in an indented ruin.

Go to Dread Bluff – Vault Key

Travel south of the Outpost. There will be a modest bunch of machines surrounding the region. You should overcome the Ravagers, Scrappers, and Skydrifters before you can go into the ruin.
Go to the building in the focal point of the ruins and drop down the shaft. Attempt to arrive on the edge to one side. Go a few doors down and go into the room on the left. There will be a security console with something stuck in it. Enact it and you will get a Vault Key. Pay attention to the recording that follows. You will hear somebody talking about the Mobile Cover System and you will get a few coordinates to the following site with a Vault Key.

How to complete the Drowned Hopes mission in Horizon Forbidden West?

There are two choices from which players can begin the side mission. The first is by heading straightforwardly to the Carja settlement to talk with the researchers who accept an artifact they had found is a phony.
The second is by locating Corend (Rumor Talker) at Camp Nowhere and listening to him talk about a Carja Expedition. Starting the side mission at this area will skirt the Camp Carja area as well as the other way around.
All things considered, on the off chance that players start at Camp Carja, the researchers will examine their new revelation with Aloy, who distinguishes the article as a feature of an artifact. Subsequent to completing the exchange with the researchers, players can go to a burrow site at Jagged Deep Delve to deal with machines threatening the region.
Whenever players have eliminated the machines, they can begin their investigations at the Submerged Ruins in the stream close by. How to complete Drowned Hopes in Horizon Forbidden West Using the Focus ability, they’ll find a security information console within a cavern and an Ancient Trunk containing a Vault Key.
How to complete Drowned Hopes in Horizon Forbidden West

How to complete the side journey, Drowned Hopes

  • Right off the bat, it’s most likely best to arrive at level 22 preceding taking on this journey to give you the most ideal result. To initiate the Drowned Hopes side journey, you should converse with the Carja Scholars at the Carja Camp which isn’t too a long way from Stone’s Echo on the guide.
  • You can likewise begin the mission by listening to the Rumor about the Carja Expedition by talking to Corend at camp Nowhere.
  • When you have either conversed with the Carja Scholar or stood by listening to the gossip, you will be directed to a similar area so regardless is fine. Then, travel south to Jagged Deep Delve and kill off the machines before you go any further.
  • Whenever they have been dealt with, plunge submerged to where you’ll find a wreck where you will find the main vault key in the Security Console.
  • You currently have another area to investigate through coordinates. By heading west, you run over a few overflowed ruins. Hop in through the window and down to where you will find your subsequent vault key in the subsequent security console followed by one more arrangement of coordinates.
  • With your new area, travel west again to Devil’s Slide. Once at the ruins, jump under the water where you should open entryways and several rooms later, you’ll find the third vault key.

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